Monday, January 18, 2016

Frame Parts

 I received the frame parts from the laser cutter.  It was definately worth having them bend the motor mounts.  But I did find an error, they bent them with left back and my drawing has them with right back.   I fixed it, turning over the base plate lined up the holes.

 Next time when I assemble the parts I will turn both motor mounts 180 degrees.  This will move the motors outboard more, giving slightly more room by the other door.
The bottom C Channel is nicely lined up.  Held in place with a couple of magnets.  Same with a coupler pocket.  Next step is to cut the four endsill parts, drill holes for the couplers.

The charger, motor controller, and some other parts are on order.  I need to pick up some 1/2 bolts for holding the jackshaft.  I may use carriage to provide a smooth underside.

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