Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Ride On Train Remote Brake System

Searches of the internet has proven it is difficult to find a well specified remote brake system for a ride on train.  There are a few pictures, and advice the Tom Bee or West Bend will sell a system, but no clear directions.  No list of parts.  No drawings like this: 
First the green, yellow and red dots indicate to myself whether I have the part, it is ordered, or I need to order.  Yes the implication is I have not yet made the unit to this design, read later blog posts to see how I fair.

The pump is a Viair 92C.  I choose this over a cheap harbor freight model for hopefully longer lasting more quiet ride.  Advice is 50/50 on cheap vs expensive model.

The pressure gauge is a non adjustable 65PSI Clippard unit.  Note that most people use Clippard parts, which helps with the hose fittings.  My needle and solenoid and gauges are also Clippard parts.
The solenoid valve I am using here is a EVO-3-12, it is two position, 3 port valve.  In one position (0V) it blocks pressurized air and the output vents to atmosphere.  In the other position (12V) pressurized air is sent to the output and the vent is blocked.  This would be used for a spring return cylinder.

The trucks are Tom Bee, with Tom Bee brakes and his cylinders, which have springs to return them to the off position.  Some people say these are cheap and do not last, others say they are cheap and work well.  A system with a Clippard cylinder could be developed.

The remote control unit is a 4 channel unit, I got one with two key fobs so an engineer and brakeman can have control of the brakes.  Look for one that will send out a constant signal until the next press of the button.  0 volt signal, valve closed.  12V signal valve open.  The one I am getting is programmable; send a signal only when button pressed, on-off, or one button for on, another for off.

While waiting for parts painting of the box continues.

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