Thursday, January 21, 2016

Almost the last of the deliveries

Received two more deliveries today.  First was all the Clippard parts for the air brake system.  Anna and I set it all out and I have what I need complete.

Second the charger came in for No2.  This thing is heavy.  It will be mounted above the motors so it will only take an extension cord to charge the train anywhere.   After two years of running these trains I am confident that the less loose parts the better.  The SBT has the two tops, the separate speed and amp box, the controller pendant can be unplugged, we disconnected the batteries, the large battery cover, frequently took off the couplers for travel, Tad & Mike, the charger, and soon the radio control with it's batteries and charger.  The less spread out this stuff can become the better.   Soon I will make a tool tender to run with the SBT to hold it all.  Also I have stopped running the SBT with the big batteries.  This makes the extra top, and large battery cover unnecessary.  A high quality radio control will make the pendant redundant, it will be either onboard or radio control.  Last time I ran I forgot I had onboard control.  I hand pushed the loco back to the loading bay.  I could have switched control source and played some more.  I guess the fear of watching your 2 year old being taken away by a 12 MPH train stops logic.

Tonight I took the time to drill the holes for coupler pins.  I drilled them at 1/4" dia, through the 1x2 tube as well as the base plate.  My reasoning is that after the two parts are welded I will enlarge to the proper size, and they will be perfectly aligned.  I also deburred the ends of all the  C Channel that makes the side and end sills.

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