Thursday, February 19, 2015


Here is a picture of my in progress tank car.  The center sill is held at coupler height, with the boards of the flat sitting on top and the tank sitting on those.  Under it is a pair of 4.125 diameter wheels.  Next to the flat, behind Tad is a 5 inch diameter paper towel roll.  This is the same diameter as the goodman cast straight spoke wheels I like.  They do not fit under the flat.  I could have an inside frame and not have the flat stick out.  But then the people have the problem reaching the top of the tank to load it.  They need to stand somewhere.  Raising the flat and tank up will make the car more top heavy and unstable.

The last wheel is my seven inch diameter curly spoke wheel.  While neat I think this will be for an outside frame gravel car.


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