Saturday, February 07, 2015

Modifications, New Tools

This past spring I had purchased a pair of 30 inch long tanks 10 inch diameter.  I started dis-assembly  on one of them, to make them more scale in appearance.  removing the top platform, and PVC nozzle.  The three nylon tank bands had to go.  I also removed the oversized mounting blocks.  The last task was to split the tank in half.  Because there was an internal disk at the centerline I used my new table saw and cut just to the right and left.  I was left with two 14.5" tanks, I reused the disk for the end of one of them and got a disk for the other on the bandsaw.  My blade bends outboard as it cuts so it took three tries.  The first two I used a jig to make, the third freehand, it is not a perfect circle, but it is close enough.  Afterword I cut a 3x3 inche piece of pallet wood to fit inside from head to head, this I glued in with gorrila glue and nailed all the staves to the head with the airgun and one inch nails.  

These two tanks will go onto frames to look like industrial tanks on 4 wheel flats similar in size to what the Jeffrey company had.
I am trying to decide if I should use the wheel sets I currently have on hand, on the archbar trucks under the utility flat or get some more.

In other news I showed the girls at Anna's birthday party my crayon art.  One of them begged for this drawing,  I figured it would be better to have it seen than to put it back into storage.  I gave one of the other girls a drawing on canvas.  I hope both of them take care of them.

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