Saturday, February 14, 2015

Center Sills

Today's task was making two centersills for the small tank cars.  If I had made square ends it would have taken about 5 minutes.  But I decided to match the coupler pockets of the SBT.  I think I did a better job on these than I did on the first set on the SBT.

First I cut two eighteen inch sections of 1x2 tube.  Then I used the same template as the SBT to mark the curve.  Then I marked each side one inch in for the flat on the sides.  I then used the band saw to cut 45 degree off each corner.  Then I used the saw to make the flat on the edge, last was cutting the edge out with the bandsaw.  Then on to the hand action cleaning up the cuts with a hacksaw.  Then on to using a file and the bench grinder.  Last was sand paper to clean up everything nicely.
Then I ruined all my hard work by drilling two 5/16th holes on each end, one at the standard place for Tom Bee couplers, the other is for links.  This is the same way as the SBT.  It took some time to clean the holes up, and remove the burrs without damaging the ends.

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