Sunday, March 01, 2015

nozzle and bands

This weekend I spent the time to install the top nozzle and the bands on the tanks.

To start I wandered around the big box construction store picking up items that would make a good cap.  After reviewing options such as sofa glider pucks, electrical covers, and PVC plumbing parts I settled on a 3" PVC cap and a short section of nozzle.   To get this was a 10 foot section of pipe, and two caps.  Then it was back to the store for a 3.25 inch hole saw.  The saw cost more than the pipe.

I started by removing three staves and putting a two by four curved to fit inside as a backer, glued in with gorilla glue and held with nails.

I cut off a six inch section of pipe, and used that to hold the cap and cut it down to a half inch.  Then a whole lot of hand sanding to remove the lettering on top.  I then cut off sections of pipe to use as a nozzle.

This afternoon was setting up and cutting the bands and drilling for studs with two nuts.  The studs started off as one inch long 10-32 bolts cut with the dremel.

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