Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Pictures from yesterday

Here are the pictures of the failed journals 
  The one on the left failed from the axle coming out.  rubbed against the bearing and teardropped the wood.

The one on the right was from the last derail.  Not sure what happened there, weak wood or something.  I admit the bearing looked fine so I reused it in the new block.
And today I did not take pictures.

Also today I assembled the trucks.  One of them had so much play from the bolster to side frames that the bearings would fall out of the wood.  I fixed that by making a new bolster.  Now I have 3 great bolsters, a good bolster and no bad ones.  The good one has a lot of play but i could not get the bearings out of the wood.

The batteries are charged, the trucks are made, now to get the van back and fill it with everything important for the next trip.

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