Tuesday, June 03, 2014

remaking the trucks

Today I installed the wheels on the axles that Robb made as replacements for the ones that failed.

The picture shows a raw axle, the two failed axles, and the two new ones from Robb.

Another task of the evening was to try to push off the wheel that was spinning on the axle that came from Eaton so I could lock tite it in place.  Could not get it off more than a 1/8th of an inch.  I figured that was enough so I put a drop of lock tite on and pressed it back to the shoulder.

The last task of the night was to make 4 wood journal blocks, two to replace bad ones and two as spares.  Tomorrow I can bolt the trucks back together and check to see if the other set is good.

Nancy and I had a date night while Kayla watched the kids.  A visit to Panara for food and Menards for wood for the new top as well as faucets for the rain barrel and free* plates and a quart of red mistint paint.

*purchase for $2 each, and get a $2 rebate so all that is paid is the sales tax.  We bought 4 to use as gift holders.  Already gave one away to Kayla with a large chunk of graduation cake.  With Nancy it will be easy to give away the rest under cookies and other treats.

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