Thursday, June 05, 2014

Load The Van

Friday we leave for the third track that will host the train.

The first two the van was set up as a two passenger vehicle.  This time we wanted it to be for five passengers, and the train.  So Nancy and I set the storage battery truck inside the gon, set a flatcar on top and rolled it into the middle of the van.

To make it easier we set up cribbing to work from.  It was not easy to get the SBT in the gon.  First we lifted it and set it on cross piece near the top, then we ran straps under it.  And while Nancy and I stood on the cribbing and lifted Anna was told to quickly remove the two cross braces so we could set the SBT inside the gon.  The issue was Anna confused quickly with carefully.  She moved very slow while we yelled at her to move faster. 
The plywood used here is the same one used last time in the back of the van.  I cut is narrower.  Now I can use this half as a five seat van with the wide part of the third row down or as we have it here in the center of the car.  Our thoughts are that by having the heavy train forward the van will ride better.  This is also how we plan to set up to go to Coshoctan in August.

Like before holes were drilled at the seat mount points so that I could strap the train down.
We stuck the large batteries and the tugger in rear trunk.  I don't think the tugger will make that trip, it is too large.  I might make a low side gon top to go on the frame.

One last picture from a week ago.  We got rid of all the old clay soil to the Easters farm and then got 3 loads of compost from the city to fill the trench and coat the front and back yard with an inch. 

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