Monday, June 02, 2014

I See

Today I visited the local Walmart store after work.  Visiting a Walmart is a once or twice a year event in my life.  I might visit a Target about twice as often.  The goal of my visit was a driving light I saw on a plum cove GE while at Heston.  This beehive style light looked appropriate for use as a headlight on the storage battery truck.

To mount the headlight I made a little oak block that fits inside the riveted on bracket.  A screw from the bottom holds it to the running board and two stainless steel screws bolt the light to the wood.
I have not wired it up yet.  Leaving that one to Robb.  He is hoping that Jeff will take the storage battery truck to Michigan so he can play with it at a White Creek open run.  I said he would need to wire up remote control if that was the case.

Some of the other things I want to do. 

Make a new top without a warp
Attach the control stick better
Install the switch for direction control
Install radio control
Make a wood crate to fit over the batteries
Make riding crates for the flat cars
Put together a basic toolkit to travel with the train
Make and install a builders plate

My other purchases at Wally's World were some bottles of acrylic paint that was on clearance and a small journal that will fit in the storage battery truck to log the events in the life of the little loco.

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