Monday, July 02, 2007

Strong Willed?

Anna is now 2-1/2. You know I never really knew before how smart kids were. I mean she can go to the bathroom. I always thought little ones went potty, you know that thing in the yard with flowers sticking out (flower pot.)

I was told yesterday that Anna is strong willed. And really I wonder about that. I laugh off most of her stubbornness and make sure my firm rules really matter. She is to not go in the road, no hitting, things like that. I give her respect for things that do not matter, what shirt she wears (though if she does not want to get dressed I just say OK you may stay in the bedroom.) I try to teach her what she wants to learn, parts of a tree when we are laying in the shade of one for example.

I was watching someone interact with her, growing frustrated trying to get this 30 month old to do and say what they wanted... you know I think if the reverse was happening Anna asking them to do exactly what she wanted Anna would be as frustrated as Elmo in his world. (FYI most things in Elmo's crayon drawn world do not respect that little red fuzz at all.) Yes Anna is independent, herself, and if strong willed means that she knows she is worthy of respect, then yes she is strong willed, and that is OK.

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Ryan said...

I am glad i read this a half year after writing it. I still believe it, Anna at 37 months is worthy of respect.