Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Real and Unreal

Bungi is once again thinking deeply. Trying to figure out why if so much of this world is intangible why people favor the tangible. She wondered what a non-Asian view would be...

Now usually I am out of sync with her and her friends thoughts. So I will try without being trying.

But already I am stuck, do I base it all on money, or all on science, or try to define all things intangible?

I think for an average person in the USA science and education has stripped the world view of anything other than tangible. As that is where our faith has been placed in science, testing physics, engineering.

And with money you can buy enough stuff to fill your mind with tangible things, computers, cars, televisions, cell phones, games, furniture, plants, food. A human brain can only think about so much and fill it with all things 'real' you do not have time for the rest. So our education, and our money has helped us ignore the intangible.

What is left to be intangible? Stress and other emotional states? Gosh we can take physical pills and change our emotional states so no I guess that is really real. What is left intangible? God? yes that is about it, and the sad truth is science looks at Him and says 'any thing you can to I can do better' (For example look at transportation, the best God gave was a horse, science got us rockets!)

But what if this world is actually a lot more intangible? what is the proportion? Is it 50:50 tangible to intangible, or 60:40 or 40:60 or 99:01 or 01:99? WOW if 1% of everything was tangible, 99% would be beyond our grasp. What is in that 99%, God, life, feelings, other spirits... many people do try to grasp some of that, but most are happy with the physical.

Lets take one example of intangible, life, you can have a living person, alive, and they stop breathing, dead. All the physical is still there. But the intangible is gone, and that is more than them moving blood, and air. All the thoughts they have, all intangible, are they all gone or do they still exist in the intangible part of the world.

Gina talks about it in terms of music, add more and more chords, the music gets better and better sounding. That is what the world is like, but maybe we only hear some of the chords, the part we hear incomplete, sounds horrible.

Oh but to answer Bungi's question, why favor the tangible? because we have been taught too, esp me as an engineer. And we can afford to, esp me as a rich person.


The Mahathma said...

hi ...

hru! dont take her that seriously :p


Bungi said...

You are not totally out of sync with me. You have actually explained in concrete terms what i explained in not so concrete terms.

And don't you think that trying to put a percentage on tangible and intangible is in itself trying to quantify the intangible? Ha ha. Just a thought.

Ryan said...

Mahathma- I am an engineer everything is fact! :)

Bungi- by quantifying it becomes real!

I noticed today how Anna cares more about relationships than things.