Thursday, June 21, 2007

Watch Out For The Chipmunk

What does a conversation with God sound like to you?

For me it is odd because it is a talk in my own head with my own voice. So now if I hear something did I think it or did God place it there... and no God does not say thee thou and use kings english, I have had responses to my questions as 'yea dude' and 'rock' IE it is in my own voice, my own words. And as I already hold conversations with myself knowing the difference takes great discernment.

Are you worried yet about Ryan being crazy? I am! That is why I try to test what I hear via 1 John 4.

I took the opportunity yesterday to go behind the house and walk through the woods. My main purpose was to pray. For myself, my future, India, Growing Opportunity staff and clients, those that are supporting us. I reached a place where I was just standing praying by name for people that I should call about our needed support. "...and for John."
"Watch out for the chipmunk"
A deer 50 feet behind me snorts and runs off snorting again and again... not to happy to see me in the woods
"that was not a chipmunk!" my heart racing now
"yea if I said deer you would have freaked out"

And that is my most recent conversation with God... what was yours?

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