Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mission Possible

The full title of the book is Mission Possible - World Missions In The 1980s by Marian and Robert Schindler.

Why would I review and recommend a book written 20 years ago? Because it shows that some of the 'new' ideas now were thought of long ago, some of the material is dated, but most is timeless.

This book is a step back, while it has personal examples the goal is to look at the big picture. God's plan, why go, why send, why raise up missionaries, history of missions, and future changes.

The books concludes with the story of a missionary meeting a Chinese woman after missionaries were let back in. Her first words to him were 'let me hear you pray' ...

The whole reason for missions is to have a relationship with Jesus, prayer is such an important part. Christianity can flourish without buildings, clean water, bibles, hospitals, schools, and all the other things we take for granted. Christianity is not Christianity without prayer.

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