Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wisdom From Mom

One of the things I remember from my mother is that she used to always joke about when her birthday was. Like many women she would be off by a couple years. But unlike most it was not that she said 39 at 50 but 60 and 50. By doing this she tended to look 10 years younger than her said age.

I was thinking how the same is true for clothing. To many people chose to wear something one size smaller than they are. The result... yup they may be proud to be wearing a size smaller but everyone looking on sees growth. By wearing something slightly larger the assumption is then that weight is being lost.

In each case you did not change, but because you changed the frame of reference you were able to sell yourselves in good light.

Now when I talked to Nancy about this she was not happy. It is her opinion that a person should be real, say their real age, admit their real size, be real, let the false marketing be done by the marketers for those products we buy.

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Ryan said...

Hey Ryan,

in regard to the "Wisdom from Mom" It was just in jest that I said a person should say they are older than they really are - because lets say if you stay 39 when obviously you aren't, everyone will know you you aren't anyway. I really love being - what am I? - Oh yes, I'm 62. I just do not care that much about age issues. I do think, however, if I was not as healthy as I am, I would have a whole different mind set. (One year I said I was a year older than I really was - until Dad pointed out to me the facts of my birthdate. Well, I had two years of the same age then. It is by God's grace that I have the gift of a healthy body and mind and I thank God for that gift.. All good things come from God. Then we must work out the difficult things that come our way with God's help. We need to humbly accept ways and means that God sends our way to get us through the storms in life.

I love you and am happy that you do know that being truthful is the only way to be as a Christian living in this world of so much untruth. I strive for that and I know you and Nancy do too.

I like what Nancy says, to paraphrase --just be who you are and be truthful.

Love, MOM