Sunday, June 10, 2007

God's Interaction

A discussion on Bungi's site about luck got me thinking. I went sleep last night trying to figure out how active God is in our lives.

When good things happen it could be attributed to luck or blessings, depending on how responsible God is in what happens to us.

But is God that directly involved in our lives? Does God have to be there for all good things to happen? God there when all bad things happen or is he not there?

I think God is around me always. But is he guiding every move like a many stringed marionette?
No. If that was true we would not have freewill.

For example lets look at how I interact with Anna, who is 30 months old. I do not guide her every step, I do not catch her every fall, I do not place every M&M on the table that she finds (though I do place some.) For God to be responsible for all our luck he would have to be the one placing each M&M for us to find. But I do not think he does, some of it does just happen.

Now the challenge:
If luck happens and we thank God for it - that is good.
If blessing happens and we attribute it to luck - God may not be happy with our ignorance.

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