Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ultimate Intention -DeVern Fromke

I have completed reading another book, this one was a tough read, it was started six months ago, and one sleepless night I pushed my way through the last ten chapters. It has some great content, but the author wrote the book for pastors who have attended seminary in the sixties or before. Words like 'philosophical rectification' made the book difficult to read with distractions (All of India with a 3 year old) around.
All the complaining out of the way... the question that the author is trying to explain is that God has a bigger goal in what this world and time and humanity is than most people admit to. Quoted from chapter 27 of the book: "The Father receives a vast family of Sons like the First Born. The Son receives a glorious Body for His expression. The Holy Spirit receives a temple of living stones for his Eternal Abode." Fromke insists that even Adam, before the fall of sin, was in need of Jesus in order to reach the full potential that God desires.
I like that idea, the kingdom of God is bigger and better than even Adam before the fall, when life was "good." Christ did not just die to restore us, but to go beyond and make better. Some say perfection was the garden, and we should desire that relationship with the Lord. But no, Jesus pointed to a new heaven and a new earth, a city, a place for those that choose to follow. "The least in the kingdom of God is better than the greatest on earth" Luke 7:28 That is amazing to me, refreshing to me, so often I feel that I am the least in the kingdom. I know I am not the greatest on earth, by either the worlds standards, nor God's.
In my own words what DeVern Fromke is trying to say is that the world and time is like baking a cake. God took the good stuff, flour, water, sugar, eggs. And through the messed up world of sin, time, and personal choice is making a cake for himself. We have the choice if we are going to be part of that cake, to go through the hardship of doing what he wants or we are going to be hard, a shell, to live life easy, if a little cracked up by the happenings of life. Only later the shells and waste will be thrown out, only the cake will be kept.
If you are trying to figure out why in the world a perfect God ever wanted to make an imperfect world, then read this book. As you move forward it will help you see the world through the three faceted lens that God sees it through.

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Edward said...

Ryan, I just wanted to compliment you on your review of Ultimate Intention. You mentioned that some parts are a little hard going.... In the years since he wrote that book, he has written a number of books which are hopefully more reader-friendly to contemporary audiences. Titles like Life's Ultimate Privilege and Larger Window for instance. You can browse a full list of his titles here: Devern Fromke Books. Hope this helps.