Monday, March 03, 2008

Going To The Next Level

Friday was Anna's convocation, we still are not sure if she is in preKG or LKG and going to LKG or UKG? What a hoot if the parents did not realize their kid got a midyear grade promotion. (Ok foundation is that Anna now sits on the LKG side of the room, way far from the preKG and her last report card said LKG not preKG...
I do know the guy bending over gave a great commencement speech, "Twinkle twinkle little star, no we do not have to look in the sky to find the stars, they are all right here." Nancy and I both said awe. I was glad to be able to be there, I got a bug that made me curling on the bed in pain, praying to feel better, and I did!
Thought saturday we hung low, good thing because Anna started not feeling good about noon, and Nancy that night. I ended up going to church in the morning alone. Again this sermon series was great, it hurt, I am quite mad and frustrated at my inlaws right now, this sermon quickly put me back where Christ wants me to be. And then after church...
Some friends dropped me off at Nugambakam Railway station so I could take the train to Saidapet. I noticed walking up to the station that an express was slowing to a stop, odd because usually they go through quite quick blowing their horn sounding like they are afraid they might hit someone.
The people on the overwalk and platform confirmed my worries. In a culture where the reset button is an option another followed through. It is interesting so see how in this culture where no one is certain of what is absolutely right almost everyone is confused, while I did not want to take a picture of the body, I thought about and chose not to photo the watchers on the platform. I saw no emotional reactions from anyone. Just standing and watching. By the time I got to Saidapet the express was passing me, going faster and blowing harder than ever.

I like what Nancy said, "It is pretty easy to not get hit by a train."

Sadly I am already forgetting what I saw, they long red cloth of the saree wound around the body parts, the guys pulling it to the side of the tracks, knowing it will take until morning for someone to remove it to a morgue. My local train arriving, me hopping on and going on my way.

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