Saturday, April 08, 2017

White Creek First visit of the season

Today Robb and I visited White Creek for the first time of the year.  I started out at the shop talking with the guys, there was about 10 people total.  Then I went out with Russ and we did some track maintenance... I removed sticks from the sidings while he and another guy fixed some low spots, twists, and other issues with the track.  Robb meanwhile was running his Clishay.  He made it about 2000 feet before loosing a bolt.  Then Robb and I went out with the electrics, my SBT and his boxcab.  The SBT made it about two miles before running out of juice, pulling the clishay riding car which has friction bearings that are not well greased.  Robb then double headed and helped me back to the station, where we loaded it all back up into his van and jumped his van and waited for my passkey to reset before going home.

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