Sunday, April 16, 2017

The first 16 feet

 Today I started laying rail on the railroad.  I started in the shed carbarn.  First I made five oak gauge blocks 7-9/16ths.  Then with Nancy's help we used a string line to give myself a centerline to follow.  The ties are two by sixes and other old wood we scavenged from a neighbors trash pile.  The kids enjoying their first ride.  pushing back and fourth.
Like the storage at the Maryland garage I used the 5/4 plywood as a shelf above the track.  The tracks, two of them, extend out the back.  There is no lift, and the floor of the carbarn is chipboard that is well warped and not up to the task.  The ties bridge from joist to joist but I still had to shim as the joist sags.

The troublesome tanks, coal car and blue flat are currently on the track, freeing up space on the floor of the shed.  Later I will bring the pink flat down from the garage.  I have a gist of a ROW outside but need to do a little planning to confirm it is a good choice.  The end goal is a loop with a siding, and a few spurs.  Only about 500 feet of track total.

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