Friday, November 25, 2016

New Shop

Things I have not blogged about.

Going with Adam to Pennsylvania for a weekend.

Going with Adam to Turkeyville for a Saturday Evening.

Visiting Tom Bee's shop.

Visiting Dennis Goodman's shop.

Buying a house.

Moving in.

Buying rail.

Starting a new shop.

Buying a new lift.

Let's catch up on the shop...   Today, the day after Thanksgiving I spent most of the day making shelves for my white box collection.  Moving the boxes out of the way, bringing wood downstairs, assembling the shelves, and loading the shelves.  Nancy did the shopping for the wood.

Originally I planned to have four shelves.  I had placed the top shelf an inch and three quarters too high, then I put the second shelf and stacked two layers of boxes and figured I could deal with that for a while.  Then I rethought the lowest shelf, without it I am free to park my toolbox, or the router table underneath.

It is all screws, two by fours and plywood, I can add, remove, and modify as desired.

The shop is about 12 foot wide by 26 foot long, in a basement, not a walkout.  bottom of the joists are just under 8 foot.  Heating ducts and a gas line lower the overall height.  And there are no windows.

For now I have my desk, and an extension for it at the entrance to the shop.  The white box shelves are across the aisle.  Then at the far end I plan to have a more square, open area.  A plan for a drill press, bandsaw, arbor press, jointer, bench grinder, and maybe a table saw.  The metal cutoff saw, and thickness planer are in the garage at the moment.  I am thinking I will do a dust collection, and general dust filtration system.

I just purchased a bandsaw, a new Grizzly 555ANV, and a 6 inch riser kit.  It has 14 inch wheels, and will be able to resaw 12 inch stock.  I looked on Craigslist for options, and while I saw a possibility or two, none were such good deals compared to buying new.  Not having one is like woodworking with a hand tied behind my back.   I chose this model based on the review of Jay Bates on youtube, and seeing that April Wilkerson, another youtube woodworker also has the same model.

What I have not done is run electrical to the shop, At the advice or Robb I plan to have a 60 amp sub panel for the tools.  I think I will also run something for the lights from the home panel.

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