Saturday, March 01, 2014

back to design

Things are stalled on the storage battery truck while I wait for weather that is appropriate for painting outdoors.  Meanwhile I have started working on the lathe lamp, and designing the flat cars.  Other than spending lots of time filing on the control stick my efforts are limited to design, planning purchases, and purchases.

For example:
The lamp:
Purchase 1" ID black tube 6-8" long to hold bulb
Purchase stain
Purchase wood base
Purchase 4 wood or felt feet for under the wood base
Then I can do the final assembly.
Find a safe place to display the lamp.

For the storage battery truck:
Make throttle lever (Shapeways has 3D design, $85 to print, or I can file a steel one)
Buy paint, Ford Shadow Grey
buy stain, a redish brown same as lamp
sandblast entire thing
stain wood
do final assembly
make plywood cover for onboard large batteries
buy large batteries
buy auxiliary battery charger
buy control stick cable
make battery boxes
plan wiring
wire up drive system
Install brake wheel to pot
Find and install headlight
figure out and install sound system for required horn and bell

Buffalo Smelting works cars
design frame
design trucks
give design to Samson to weld up
pay lots of money for the welding

Spiral wheel cars
I have the eaton pedestals, and have drawn the side view into AutoCAD they look great together.  Robb has programmed a path with the CNC and run a test in wood, it also looks great.
Design the body
I would like a flat car body option and make an On30 micro layout to display.  The best would be to have a copy of the Storage Battery Truck and the spiral wheel cars.  If I don't make the RR on this car I will make it on one of the other options.

Utility flats
Cut two more bodies.
Design arch bar trucks for under them
Design 4 wheel underbody version
Make box, gon and caboose version.

Other than making lots of utility flats, which I am limiting myself from, most of the tasks require better weather, purchases, and lots of design time.  I have 8 4.125" dia wheel sets, that is either two archbar trucks or four 4 wheel trucks or two Buffalo Smelting Works cars.

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