Saturday, March 29, 2014

Sand and stain

Today I assembled the top of the storage battery truck and sanded it.  Then I disassembled the top and sanded each board individually.  I used 120, 220 and 320 grit sand paper.  Chamfering all 12 edges of each board.  Then I reassembled the top and handed it off to Nancy to stain.

In between was a fight to get the 4 pins of the top to go smoothly in.  One time it would go fine, the next time three of the 4 pins would get hung up.  I started out testing the pins after each board was added but it kept changing.  I got smart and Anna and I put all the boards on, then I worked to make the pins all fit.  I used two different drill bits to ream out the holes in the top straps and in the body of the truck.  Now they glide in smooth.  I also took the dremel and opened up the top strap holes just a titch.

The only other setback of the day is once I decided to turn around the machine, forgetting that the wheels were only held by gravity.  I only lost the springs and alignment on one end, the motor 4 bar mechanism kept the axle from falling.  I reassembled everything and installed the keepers, like I should have done a long time ago.

I also completed the lathe lamp today.  A 1 watt red LED bulb glows at the widest part of the glass.  it helps make the entire thing emit a soft glow.  I sent the photo below off to Art Ciccotti to show him the end result.  Art is the one who made the glass.

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