Sunday, October 13, 2013

Productive Procrastination

Yesterday the weather was really nice, and I had some trepidation about making the fixture to hold the 4 pedestals during welding.  I used my time to make a fence behind the garage between our compost pile an the neighbors.  They had some plastic lattice tied to a piece of rebar stuck in the ground, it was slumped over quite unatractively.  Also the neighbors behind us had 6 ft tall fence atop a 3 ft wood wall.  The fence was leaning into their yard, soft dirt from the backfill of the wall.   I took a piece of 2x2 angle from work, attached one end to the 6 ft tall fence post, the other to the back of our garage, it is level and the fence post is now plum.  I then added in a couple treated 2x4's to hold the lattice.

Today, after going to the Hampton train show, and taking a nap I cut and filed a 1x12 to hold the pedestals in position.  It will work quite well.   The next step is to drill 4 holes to match the pedestal spacers to the outside frames.  This will make everything line up neatly for the welder without much fit and fuss.  If we are lucky the 1x12 will catch fire during the welding...

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