Monday, July 03, 2017

Weekend Fun

 We started the weekend by walking Linden, looking at the river, playing at the park, and finding black berries to snack upon.
 Saturday we visited the Gains library, in the old station, to learn about circuits.
 Also I cut the joint bars.  This time I made a jig so I would have a consistent length.  A scrap of plywood and some screws and I am able to cut four bars at a time.
 Then I took some cars over to Adams, but his track is in such rough shape that nothing, his or mine, would stay on.
 Sadly, while Nancy and I were loading loco 2 into the truck the ramp kicked out from under and loco two fell off the tailgate onto the ground prettymuch upside then on its side.  The battery charger which was held in place with only one bolt broke free, the batteries held in place with velcro also broke free.  We got it uprighted, and with some help lifted it into the truck, I ran it back and forth and it seams to run OK.

Lets get the sadness out of mind and end with a happy thought.  Conductive playdough is fun.

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