Sunday, July 30, 2017

Truck Maintenance

Yesterday I took the family over to MCRR for some fun run time.  I ran the tugger, loco2, blue flat, and brake car around twice, and Nancy did the same.  We had fun talking with others.  I got to see a Snipe S3 up close, and three of the DLS Box/Riding/Flat cars in the same train.  I lost out on buying a bobber caboose body set up for a propane tank.  
After discussion with Nancy, praying, and thinking about it we decided to take Loco2, the Tugger, the pink and blue flats and the brake car to the Buckeye Ltd.  The coal car and trouble some tanks, SBT, and Steamer will be staying home.  This load will fit in the truck without the deck and will allow us to haul 4 of the 5 family members in the same train.  (We could run over to GR in the next 7 days to get one of robb's flats, or we could make a new car and put the coal car's trucks under it.  

But wait... the coal car's trucks are already under a different car.  Wednesday I stopped by Tom Bee and he helped me install brakes.  I also picked up couplers and brakes for Robb.  I am glad that Tom helped me with the installation, there are a few tricks that make it easier.

Today I worked with an assistant.  He helped me get the tools, remove the old trucks, install the new ones and run and connect the tubing.

  And finally he was instrumental in testing our work.
He of course did get distracted some.  With some effort he was able to raise the car high enough to get it over the tailgate of the truck, and then put it back down again.
After our work on the blue car was complete we started working on the pink car.   First is unloading all the ties, he pulled them off and handed them to me, I stacked them in the back of the shed.
Then Anna helped load the car onto the wagon, which Jon pulled up to the garage.
 We removed the bolts, and springs, and one side.

Then I greased the bearings.  No need for Jon to get grease in unexpected locations.
 Then we assembled the truck again.
 I installed the springs.
 We Installed the bolts.
 And tightened the nuts again.

The pink car was making an aweful sound the last few times it ran.  I learned it was the milk jug plastic rubbing against a wheel, not a bad bearing.

The remaining items to do are:
Fix the end sill of the pink car.
Purchase and install two chain hooks, one bent, another missing.
Make a backrest for lounging on the car.
Replace a missing nut holding the frame to the body on the pink car.
Maybe visit GR or have Robb come here to borrow his 5' car so we can have 5 riding cars.
Maybe make sides or swap bodies of a flat for the gon body that is currently Jon's toybox.
Or make a new 5' long car myself as I have the frame material downstairs and could get it welded quickly.  Plus I think I have enough scrap plywood.

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