Sunday, July 09, 2017

Grease and Teardown

Maybe that should read tear down as I am a little sad.  I took apart the SBT the rest of the way, axles, wood, and all electronics have been removed.  Then I removed the coupler pocket that was damaged at Carl's.  Used a Dremel and three cutoff wheels as they worked better at getting in there than the teardrop grinding bits.

I got the new coupler pocket ready to install.  I think I will make a jig to hold it in place to make welding it correctly a trivial matter.

So I need to decide how long I want to take to put it back together.  Besides the coupler pocket I need to make the lost control lever again, then work with Robb to get radio control back in the machine.  And of course touchup the paint when it is reassembled.

Some other things I am thinking of:
Replace the batteries.
Mount the speedo / Odo onboard not in external box.
Make additional trucks for the SBT to pull.  
More permanently affix the driver so I can drive around with him in place.
Add a data logger for amp and volt, throttle setting etc...
Replace damaged footboard.
Make a tender with larger batteries.
Make some prototypical loads, such as nail kegs.
Make a toolcar with all needed supplies for the SBT.
Make a riding car that goes with the SBT in design.

I have a 3D printer on order, due in January 2018.  I was thinking I could use it to make the lever, hiding the radio antenna inside.  I could also hide the antenna and a display screen inside the driver if 3D printed.  

I can't wait for this thing to be back on the track... Jon can't be the one having all the fun.
The greasing part is I used my newly purchased grease gun to lube the jack shaft on loco 2.

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