Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Fenton Festivities

This morning we tried out the new dust collection box.  It works OK, there is a lot of swirl and I need to seal some leaks.  I took care of some of them today but we moved on to seeing the Fenton forth of july parade and other downtown festivities.

During the hot of the day I went to the basement and drilled the holes in the railjoiners.  I now have 70 joiners, for 45 joints.

Afterwards Nancy, the kids and I moved some of the rocks from near the driveway to make a "stream" through the front bed.  Nancy also bought a few more creaping pines on clearance at Walmart to use.

Also some point in the last few days I added brackets to my little shelf and applied linseed oil.  One more coat of oil and it will be ready to hang.

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