Sunday, July 16, 2017

Drawing Lines and Switching

 Friday night was a buy day... all I did was watch Star Wars Episode Seven.  Saturday Lillian and I went over to MCRR and ran with Mike switching, three times out switching five cars each.  She was a good brakeman but was done on the third trip... I was ready for a break, and I think Mike was too.
 Sunday after church we ate at mcdonals in Linden, nicely decorated, but all the beeping in the kitchen area made me think I was in a hospital not a hospitable place.  Very incongruent.  Then as a family we went back to MCRR.
 We met the Robb, Cheryl and the kids at the track.  We rode around twice with... we forgot his name... a total of 6 miles.  The railroad has a lot of hills and his RMI switcher was tripping the thermal breaker on the last 3/4 mile.  Too much for the little engine after a weekend of playing with trains.
 It was nice being at a different railroad, I was able to see different rolling stock not common to white creek.
Sunday as Nancy helped clean up the garage I did the cutting of Jeff's teak to length.  Along with packing stuff for next weeks op session at WC.
 Jeff now has ten wide boards and two narrow boards all 15 inches long for use as the top to his Storage Battery Truck. 9 boards total 34 inches long, he wanted 1/8" gaps between them and a total deck length of 35 inches.  I gave him one extra board so he can cut them all slightly narrower if he wanted to.
I have to remember to suggest he use a furniture scraper to clean the boards up, it will work slightly better than sand paper for the finish.  Then I did not break any of the edges, to do a proper job I think he should make a little scraper that has guide blocks so it is consistent.

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