Thursday, June 01, 2017


The trim is now completely installed on the bay.  Plastic is more expensive than rough sawn pine, but cheaper than rough sawn ceder.  But replacing all the rest of the pine trim with plastic would be more expensive than having someone come in and trim it all in metal.

The board between the windows in the back room were replaced with metal when the windows were installed.  The eves are all pine, as well as around the garage.  One piece on the garage is rotten, and woodpeckers have made some pretty good holes in a piece on the second story.  And all of it needs to be painted.

Back to the trains:
Loco two has springs that were too soft, Earlier I calculated a better spring from McMaster and ordered them.
The old springs had too low of a K rate, the new springs in theory will work better, but while the old springs were 7/8" long the new ones are 1".  As can be seen in the pictures, the old springs are fully compressed, the new springs have too much preload and are fully extended.

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