Sunday, June 18, 2017


 Today I extended the track another 4 feet.  The ties are no longer supported by the wood, they are on the ground.
 Yesterday and some today I cleared the right of way through the woods.  Cut the branches and little bushes that were overhanging, then mowed, then raked.  Then using a tool I got at a garage sale cut out some of the high spots.
 It took a while to mow, I had to work with Nancy and her dad to figure out why the mower would not run.  It had fuel, and it had spark, and we could get it to run rough if I blew air into air intake.  But it would stall without the air.  The air filter was clean ish, what was that little tail doing there?  Why is there a fluff of tissue hanging out of the shroud covering the engine... undo more screws.  scare away a mouse, but it really was not interested in leaving.  Found her nest, found one, two three, four...  five little grey mice with their eyes still shut.
 Little grey was not interested in the little things,,, they did not move enough.  The mom ran up into the truck, so I asked Nancy to take it to the store for milk.  Hopefully she ran away.
 The babies met their demise.

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