Sunday, June 11, 2017

If at first you don't succeed track track again

I had a nice bit of track laid, both of the storage tracks coming out of the barn straight for six feet then gently curving out to the switch on the mainline.

Issue was the switch would have been a number 8 or longer curved switch about 30 feet from the carbarn.  This is into the woods by all the trillium.  I would have to have a walking path to the switch.
It was just too far to walk and I did not want to destroy the trillium.

So not having the heart to do the work myself, I asked the kids to unscrew about 10 feet of track total.

Then I turned over the ties and brought the rails in to each other much sooner.  while the frog is a number 5 I think the switch is closer in length to a number 4 or 3.  It is quite tight.

During the day Saturday I put in the track up to the frog.  Most of that time was milling the underside of the frog to accept the rail, The frog is for 1" rail and the rail I am using is 7/8".  Then as bonus work from 8pm to 10pm Adam and I installed the tracks from the frog to the pivot point of the points.
I don't have material for points yet, I may develop a temporary method so Jon can roll the cars back and forth.

Also this week I purchased some 5/16" sheet steel, new, no rust, that I plan to use to make bodies for flat trailers to go with the SBT.

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