Sunday, June 04, 2017


Saturday we visited the Great Lakes Live Steamers in Royal Oak with the tugger, loco 2, coal car, blue flat, brake car and the SBT.  First we ran them all together to get charge the SBT.  Then we cut out the SBT and Nancy ran the rest of the train around 10 times.  I removed dirt from a switch and ran the SBT around light walking behind it.  Then talked for a while, ran the train a few more times, tried to move a steamer with the SBT... no juice.  Then I rode halfway around with the SBT, and walked it the other half when it ran out of juice.

I left the camera in the truck.

When we got home we unloaded the tugger and cars without batteries to the shed and the locos and brake car to the garage.

Sunday I went down to add some track length... and spent the afternoon adding a window to the shed.  Then in the evening I added 5 feet to each track.  Once I was done I looked down the line and realized that if I redo one track I could be at the frog for the turnout.  I am not quite sure if that will be forcing it.  I will let the thought ruminate for a few days before I continue.

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