Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Dust Collection System

Tonight I started messing around with the dust collection system.  I capped the openings in the garage and attached the chip drum.  Then with the flow meter set to MPH I did some tests.  The photo above is at the first opening in the basement.  7 inch diameter is .276 ft2 and 43mph is 3784 mph  or 1011 cuft/minute

I added six elbows in a row and the speed dropped to 35MPH or 823CUFT/min

Next I added two four inch pipes.
First is the y pipe with the straight open.  It was 823cfm.
From the straight pipe with y open I got 500CFM
 And blocking off the y so all air was going through the 4 inch pipe.  97 MPH!!! or 743CFM.  About the same as I would have with 7 inch pipe and 12 sharp elbows.
The Y leg on it's own was not as impressive only 591 CFM.
Last here is a video of the y leg moving sawdust when the straight leg is blocked.
In other good news with the system on air was still flowing up the furnace chimney.  I was worried there would be a backdraft of makeup air.  Granted there is a windstorm outside so I will check on a calm day, and with the garage door open.

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