Wednesday, March 22, 2017

continued dust collection

This past weekend the family and I trundled down to Toledo, while there I bought a 7-7-7 wye for my system.  Yesterday I started by putting in the 7-7-4 and a short 7 straight, tonight I followed up with the new wye and two corners to make a shallow 90.  I also installed one of the 4 inch gates on what will be the overhead to the table saw and router.

I also have been avoiding dust as I have been seeing a Dr about my sinus issues.  I had two weeks of antibiotics, and tuesday a CT scan.... 1.5 hours of waiting for a 2 minute scan... and 350 dollars out of my pocket.  I keep hearing deviated septum, small passageways, post nasal drip...

I told Nancy my plan is for two pieces each night.  I think that includes brackets.  Tomorrow I need to separate that wye on the left hand side of the picture from its pipe... if the last one was any indication... it will take a while.  I also need to install brackets to hold the next few pieces.

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