Tuesday, February 21, 2017

New Roof and running on air

 We started the process of getting quotes to replace the roof, thinking it would be done this summer.  Instead the crew used the unseasonably warm weather to complete the work this past week.
 I started looking at the steam engine again.  Trying to understand the water and propane lines.
 It looks like the tank on the loco has been bypassed.
 Next was to see if it could run on air.  First I tried via the water inlet line... air did not want to go past the pumps.  Then I removed a safety valve, and air just came out the blowdown valve.  Not being able to close the valve I removed it.  Then confirmed the fitting was the same as the clippard fittings I have for air brakes.  I hooked up a air line to the air compressor, replaced the safety valve and had some fun.
 I turned on skype with my brothers, and for the longest time could not figure out why I could get the winch to go but not the wheels.  Then Jeff asked if there was another valve.... yes there is, right next to the steam dome.  I opened that valve and could spin the wheels.
 Then I got some yarn and tried out the pulling.  The yard was too light and ended up getting caught up on the drum.
 I suppose I should post some pictures to the backyard railroad site.  Or would that be the living room railroad site?
And last a short video of running the loco.
But fun all the same.

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