Sunday, February 05, 2017

locomotive three

Well after trying to convince myself to not buy it for a year... I did buy it.   A propoane fired Falk built by Jesse Livingston.  He is 87 now and liquidating his locomotives, a shay, a Filer and Stowel, an american, a Newbe and this Falk.  This little guy has a smaller boiler than some G scale locomotives.

A few things need to be fixed in order to steam it.  The bar connecting the drain cocks is bent.  I need the tubing for the propane system, and a regulator.  Need to buy the oils and greases to keep it lubricated.

Long term... a few changes too, the reverse lever interferes with the throttle lever.  The green and red paint.  A better tender.  A displacement lubricator for the gypsy winch.

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