Friday, July 08, 2016

Work stand

Well I was was found redundant at work and am now currently seeking new opportunities.  I sulked around for a bit not wanting to do the hobby.  But today I was in a sour mood due to having to seek.  So I decided to do some productive procrastination and put together the work stand.

 Lowes had 9 inch carriage bolts.  The ten inch hex head bolts did not have threads for a long enough length to work.  I was not in the mood to custom order something off the net to wait.  So I used an oversize lock washer to offset the square part of the head.
 I drilled the rails in the basement on the drill press.  One end supported by the toolbox the other on the drill press.  Then when I did the second one I C-clamped them together so the holes would line up.
 Then I took all the parts out to the garage.  First top was put together.
 Then the legs C-clamped in place, the legs drilled, and bolted.
 Then I mounted the casters.  I had drilled the caster holes back when I cut the parts for the legs, only a little bit of weld slag in one of the holes to drill out.
Here it is.  I plan to make some locking blocks to chock the wheel so rolling stock does not roll.  I also plan to make a bridge that hooks onto the end and my lift table.  The length is 10'6" all the rest of the 20 foot sticks went into the leg system, and because I had messed up on cutting I had to use some 3/16" thick angle on the legs also.  If I get or start building a large loco I will add diagonals from leg to the outside for bracing.

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