Thursday, July 14, 2016

Running again

 Not Running

So tonight I finished wiring up the loco for the second time.  It only took one emergency run to Lowes to buy some of those ring to wire connectors.  I bought a whole set of them for $17 because they did not have any small packs of the size I needed.

Then on the first run the motors made noise but nothing happened.  My suspect of motors fighting eachother was confirmed by removing a chain.  After reversing the lead I had a bear of a time getting that chain back together.  I ended up losing the motor a little so the chain has more slop that I really wanted.  To get that out would mean disconnecting the batteries again.  As the chain is tighter than it was the last few times it was run I will leave it until I install the final bases.

  • Glue posts to plywood
  • Buy 1/4-20 by 1.25 bolts
  • Buy washers for 1/4"
  • Buy power switch
  • Buy 10 gauge wire blue red and black
  • Buy ring connectors for battery terminals
  • Cut tray for tether storage
  • cut slot for tether storage
  • Bolt plywood down
  • Mount sabertooth  (USB port accessible)
  • Mount MU / tether switchMount power switch
  • Wire up power wires
  • Cut velcro to length
  • Cut other plywood bases
  • Glue other plywood bases together
  • Stain and varnish plywood bases
  • Make strips for siding
  • Side shell
  • Stain or paint final shell
  • Buy or make details
  • Attach details
  • Make brake assembly
  • Attach brake assembly
  • Make new charging plywood base 
  • Make shell from 1/4" plywood

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