Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mount the Sabertooth

 Tonight rather than take pictures of guys doing this.

I mounted the sabertooth on the electrical panel.  Soldered longer leads onto the MU tether selector switch and mounted that also.    To do that I had to sand and clean up my mounting board of excess gorilla glue and soften the corners.

I bolted down the battery locator brackets on both sides and test fit the shell.

Glue posts to plywood
Buy 1/4-20 by 1.25 bolts
Buy washers for 1/4"
Buy power switch
Buy 10 gauge wire blue red and black
Buy ring connectors for battery terminals
Cut tray for tether storage
cut slot for tether storage
Bolt plywood down
Mount sabertooth  (USB port accessible)
Mount MU / tether switch
Mount power switch
Wire up power wires

Cut velcro to lengthMake new charging plywood base 
Cut other plywood bases
Glue other plywood bases together
Stain and varnish plywood bases
Make shell from 1/4" plywood
Make strips for siding
Side shell
Stain or paint final shell
Buy or make details
Attach details
Make brake assembly
Attach brake assembly

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