Sunday, June 19, 2016

Tugger Lights

Today was a continuation of wiring the tugger.  I traced out the issue I was having to wiring up the master power switch wrong.  It is a lighted switch an rather than use + and - to power the light I was using the + and + this put the light in series with the LEDs, the LEDs did not get enough voltage, and displayed red or yellow to tell me so.  I fixed that by running a - to ground on the battery.

I also ran wires for the two LEDs on the board.  One is for AC power, the other for battery power.  To charge the batteries all three must be on.  (The master power switch is really a battery cutout switch.)

Now I have another issue.  I have a short between the housing of one of the lights and one of the light leads.  This is causing a green or white light in the LED.  Once again an error telltale.  I tried quick to isolate the LED board from it's own housing but that did not work.  I could try isolating it even more, but the proper thing to do is to pull out the wires for the lamp and replace them with ones that have full insulation and not shorting out on the housing or copper conduit.   The wires are held in with some expanding foam at the underside to keep water out.  I found the cut insulation, right at the end of the copper conduit.  When I cut the conduit I left a burr on the inside, and the wires chaffed against it.
The three lights conditions:

On AC power, the batteries are charging when all three lights are on.
 On battery power when both red lights are on.
 System turned off, no drain on batteries when all lights out.
Lights are powered by AC, batteries are cut out, not charging when switch is dark.  
 My other project today was to finish the bench for Nancy.  I made a fixture as I had 6 holes to drill and counter bore.

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