Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tugger lights

 Today's project is to change out the charger for the tugger.  I was using a car battery recharger plugged in underneath.  It was big, bulky and disorganized.   I purchased a charger for a security system as an alternative.  A 16volt transformer and circuit board.
 We decided that we wanted to have the charge port and on-off switch on top, at a fender, so we had to drill some holes.  To reach the hole I used an old half inch drill and a brace.
 This is a replacement back side to the battery compartment.  The old one had a on off switch and charging port.
 Here is a picture of the new charging plug and power switch.  It will be disguised as a toolbox.  I needed Anna's small hands to help me pull the wires down and through.
Finally a test.  The charger works.  But I am having a problem with the lights.  When both were hooked up, they stay red.  When the top one is hooked up it is yellow and flashes red once a minute.  It does not seem to be the charger as the same happens when going straight to the battery.  Polarity does not change the issue.

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