Saturday, June 04, 2016

truck loading

We took some train cars and loco 2 to Iowa Model Live Steamers.

Here was our setup this time.

 A tarp held down with straps, and bungees in the corner.
 Under that a moving blanket to protect the tarp from sharp edges.
Each car is held with two straps.  One around each coupler and held from rolling back and fourth.  The wheels ride outside the 1x2 guides for left and right.  The center coal car has a moving blanket to protect if the cars sway side to side.
Below the deck two flatcars are parked.  The camp chairs were also placed under the deck to keep the cars from rolling.

This setup worked fairly well, it did not take too long to load, tie down or untie and unload.  While driving we did hit some rain, and having the tarp inside the bed resulted in rain at the edges before and behind the wheel well.

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