Monday, June 13, 2016


David Newell of Pike River Northern posted a photo of a car stand he made from 2x3 angle on facebook.  I have been thinking about how I need one for a while, to reach the underside of loco 2.   His design was quite simple, using the same metal throughout.  Starting with a 20 foot stick of metal, about 10 foot of each becomes the legs, and the other ten feet is the bridge.  The top bridge bolts to the two uprights, allowing for disassembly.  Large castors on the bottom allow for rolling about uneven floors.  He then powder coated his and indirectly offered them for sale.

Mine is made from 2x2 angle, is just over ten feet long, and will bolt in three sections.  There will be four 5" diameter locking castors, currently on backorder from Menards.  I will not powdercoat but I may see if it can be blasted and primed, or at least sand and paint it.  The height is such that it will just fit under the train storage shelf when it is not needed.

The added benefit is it is space where I can park railcars if I need to shunt things around.   It is hard to believe but the storage shelf is almost full.  There is only 3 feet of empty space before I need to develop a method to get to the upper deck, make a lower deck, or stack rolling stock.  The temporary storage this and the van and truck shipping tracks provide might be enough for a while.

I guess there are other options, store somewhere else, sell or decommission, stop getting more... change back to O scale.  I have been thinking about long term planning of the traincars I want, there is an end in sight,,, just not very close.  One constraints Nancy gave me is I need to be able to move the whole family, that is 5 cars... nominally 5 foot each, a locomotive and a caboose, granted this is when the kids are teens, not tomorrow.  Then there are a few decorative cars I would like, such as a tank car.  Then there is the SBT, and trucks to go with it.  Currently that is the two troublesome tanks, but I think a string of 10 trucks bobbing behind would look wonderful.  Lots of planning, dreaming, engineering, building, and showing.  But this is a long term hobby.  I am trying to limit my self to one car a year.  This year it was the brake car, or was that the coal car, or Loco #2?  Next year, a box car, or a gon, or a flat, or a caboose, or some trucks for the SBT, or all of the above.

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