Friday, May 06, 2016


What should be the number on the coal car?  

How to decide?

First I decided I wanted a black NYC car.  Good since the car is painted black.

What number?  Prototypical or something significant, like a birthdate, or build date.

This site has a list of all the NYC railcars.  I narrowed the list down the to the 30 to 32 foot 2 bay coal cars with seven ribs.

A number starting with a 4 not an 8.

A car built before 1920.

Still quite a few cars, in the thousands.
Nancy wanted a number with an 8, and a 7 in it.  That narrowed the list down to 1600.

I did not want one with three digits repeating.  

Numbers ending with odd looked better than evens.

Oh lets use a random generator to cut the list in half.  Twice.  Three times?

70 choices.

Go through each one in the pairs between the ribs.  41 87 33  what looks good? 40  17  89  What has good visual weight.  What does not look like a prison number.    41  81  74  Ok I am at 30 good choices.

Rate my top three.  Have Nancy, Lilli and Anna do the same.  One top vote... 8 others.   Put them up on the screen and talk through each one with Nancy.   Narrow it down to three choices.  two built in 1917 one in 1907.  Look back at the construction information for the three.  Look at the drawings and the pictures.

One vote each Anna, Ryan, Nancy.

Are there pictures?   No.   Yes.  And Yes .

Two choices.   John left side or right side... NYC 418137 is the final answer.   Email sent to Miracle Graphics asking for a quote.

I also started bolting loco #2 together tonight.

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