Saturday, April 09, 2016

Nancy was right

A few days ago I realized that something Nancy bought me a while back was a good idea.  She bought battery terminal covers.  They did not work on the large batteries of the SBT, they were too loose and fell off easy.  I got mad and threw them away.

I realized I needed them for the new brake car battery.  I wanted something that fit better, and with the double terminals and lack of dimensions of the parts on the net I made a wood negative of one of the posts and visited the stores locally.  Starting with Lowes, Walmart, Blains, and then a boat store in Cedar Falls.  I bought them at the boat store.  My backup was a grey electrical connector from Lowes.

To make the connectors stay on better I epoxied section of PVC pipe inside to mate with the post of the terminal.  We shall see how it works out long term.

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