Saturday, April 02, 2016

Coal Car

Not blogging for a while has me out of habit posting what I have worked on.

I did not show the progress on the decaling of my O scale reefer.  Mohawk and Lake Superior # 1978.

I did not blog about my mishap with the brake car.  First I shorted out the negative wire when attaching the radio control.  I rewired it... and thought it was in good shape but then smoke started coming out of the voltage meter.  I am letting that one sit for a bit.

So today I worked on touchup of the reefer and the coal car.  And I have pictures.

 I attached the trainline brackets.  2-56 bolts and nuts.  I even went to the hobby shop to pick up a nut driver, 4mm for the nuts.  This was actually the second thing I did.
 The first thing I did was much cooler.  I made myself a hand grab.  The aluminum one was damaged.  A new one cost $1.5 plus shipping.  I took a piece of wire from a vote for me sign and bent it to shape. heated the ends and put flats on it and drilled holes.  It worked quite well.  I am happy with it.  Though if I were to make more I would make a few fixtures to help with the layout.  I will have to get a book out and figure out what force is needed make the flats.
 I have also started looking at the brake system.  Need to scale up the 1:48 parts shown to the 1:7.5 of the coal car.  I could buy 3d printed parts, pour quality castings, or make my own up.  Choices....
The project that has been taking my time.  Decals on the reefer I made a few years ago.

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