Friday, April 15, 2016

Brake Car pt 9

Yesterday I solved the leak by using a vacuum pump and applying epoxy over the leak location.  A bit later I could see it sucked in so I added more and turned off the vacuum and let it set.

Today I put it all back together, found I had a leak at one of the gauges because I did not tape the joint.  Fixed that.  Now It looses 5psi every 5 minutes.  I used a stethescope to try to locate the leak, I have an idea it is the other, non-taped gauge joint.  This makes sense because the leak is faster if the needle valve is open farther and less when the needle valve is open less.  I will tape that joint sometime.

With the brake car in the garage I was able to walk 200 feet away, with our house in between and still have response from the brakes.  One of the remotes was better than the other, about a 20 foot difference.

In other news I dropped the coal car off at a powder coater.  He should have it back to me in 4 weeks.  Mid May.

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