Saturday, December 12, 2015


This week I think I reached the point of design where I can turn over to manufacturing.  In this case I am getting three parts manufactured for me.  The main frame plate, and two motor mounts.  All out of 3/16th thick material.  I have not drawn in the brakes, electronics, etc... I think there will be a tray on top to hold all that stuff.  
 In the drawing below I forgot to move the inner pillow block in the end view...
searching google Official Equipment Registers the 1904 edition lists width as 8 foot and 5'11" tall no length for cars 4000 to 9999  1600 cars total  same for 1901 with lengths 28 to 32 feet.  I do not think the cars existed.  there are 4 wheel hopper cars, 20 of them in 1901.
the June 1896 lists length of cars 4000 to 6222 as  28 to 30  width 8' and height 5'11"  capacity 28 to 40000  sounds like the cars were gone already.  
June 1890 nothing in that range of numbers  cars 3502 to 3700 are listed as 4 wheel 19.4' il 8'w and 5'11" tall  29000 capacity  same for 15701 to 16000 and 17451 to 17855  AND Harlem division cars 850 to 950 and maybe 950 to 1150 
the 1891 register is giving the same information as the year before.  
in 1893  the range 4601 to 4710 were for stock cars of 28 to 30 feet long.  only 4 wheel cars exist on the Harlem division.  

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